Other collectors

As I mentioned in my introduction page, I’m far from the only person who’s batshit crazy enough to attempt a global spread of national football shirts.

Below I’ve listed the websites of several others with similar websites, check them out.

First we have fellow Englishman Nick from Peterborough, a man with a collection so vast his pile of Bhutan shirts alone are currently visible from space. Check them out (and all the other nations) here.


Next on the list we have from the deepest, darkest, untamed depths of Scotland (Aberdeen actually, but it’s the same thing) Mr Joe Johnston. Like the aforementioned Nick, Joe is rapidly closing in on all 211 FIFA members and his posts are guaranteed to have you chuckling out loud to yourself. Check them out here.


From Germany, step right up Sascha. Another man on a mission with a fantastic collection, featuring many, many rare,valuable match-worn treasures all of which can be found here.


Proving that Canadians have other interests outside of moose hunting, seal clubbing and attempting to disown Justin Bieber, is Eric from the great white north and another vast mountain of polyester. A real specialist in CONCACAF shirts, his blog can be viewed here.


Also from Germany we have Chris and another collection that’s shaping up very nicely.